February 19, 2011

sunshine.  boot. inspiration. positivity. inner child

Life is full of so many ups and downs and appreciating what everyday gives you – a ray of sunshine, a random smile, the ability to help others.  As kids we always think life is not about fear – we did what we want when we wanted.  As adults we believe in the rules and play by the books.  Sometimes you need to go back to your inner child and remember to giggle and work with your limitations.

I remember when I was 11 and realized something was “wrong”.  I was misdiagnosed for years and lost the ability to write with my right hand so guess what I did – I learned how to write with my left hand.  So simple. So easy.  Today I would make every excuse why that would be a bad idea and talk myself out of trying something new.  I am trying to go back to my inner child to rediscover the word – creativity and imagination.

I got permission to take the boot off and try and ride the bike…of course I want to go all out and am trying to channel my inner child and have a flat course be fun, be exciting and work with what I have.  So I am taking this small gift to be able to ride and swim and be excited, realize it is a small step towards running again!  I am learning that I put these ridiculous goals on myself sometimes.  A friend of mine said to me yesterday – do you know how much you inspire me? how much I love your positivity?  Historically, I would have made many excuses as to why I am not an inspiration but instead yesterday I said thanks!

Find your inner child, look for the rainbow, work with your limitations.  Yes there will be “hard days” but those days test you, try your strength.  Be strong, recognize the impact you make on others and ALWAYS, ALWAYS laugh and smile everyday!



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