August 3, 2010

Happy to admit, I am not a morning person but because I committed to a group fitness instructor I would make her class…I did…it wasn’t easy waking up and walking in the rain but I did!  I wasn’t as crazy on my bottom half as I was on my top half but I know that I have limitations.  I recognize them.  Doesn’t mean I can’t, just means I modify.  Intimidation is never an excuse.  You set your goals, you set your definition for success…some may say I ran two half marathons, I say I ran a full one!  Success is determined by you, no one else.  Don’ let others define who you are, define yourself, set those goals, and make it happen.  Every day is a new chance to beat your own best and I know if I can anyone CAN!!!  I can’t wait to run along the Westside Highway tomorrow, it’s where it all started…”concrete  jungle where dreams are made of”…


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