August 2nd, 2010

Happy anniversary!  Today marks a year ago that I finished my first “marathon”.  As always I am always redefining my personal best!  It is time for me to brush off those Siu Bolts and start racing again..So here are the races planned for 2010 so far…

1) August 21 – 10K

2) Sept 12th – chicago half marathon

3) Sept 25th – 10K

4) October 9th – Tough mudder!!!

I am so happy and so thrilled to have friends and family that support me in my journey and that is what keeps me going.  Every morning I get up I define my fitness goals.  Achieving those goals isn’t about me, it is for those kids and adults that aren’t lucky as I am to have a second chance at life.  So here goes a public log of my own journey to try to run 20 half marathons in the next 5 years!  If you see me running please shout out my name!


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