April 24, 2013

The little engine that decided she could…

Sometimes I often think about why I run…am I running away from something or am I running towards something unknown.  This last weekend I felt like I couldn’t run my first 10K of the year, felt like I just didn’t have it in me…but I also knew that friends were excited for me to run that friends believed in me and I should believe in myself.  

So I laced up and started a slow run, at my normal 13:45 pace, nothing too exciting but it was just the speed I was used to…then I hit the GG bridge and my pace got better and my stride was strong…I kept on hearing voices in my head saying “Carrie, don’t be a quitter”,” you have this”..how many times have I heard that…but last Sunday I decided I did “have it”.  So I decided at mile 4, why not go for it?My legs were stronger, the weather was perfection and I have the gas in the engine, I should just go for it…well I did…and my average pace was 12:14…so I learned to believe those annoying voices in my head, I will start believing in myself some more and will enjoy everyone run of the season!  At class tonight my bootcamp coach decide to tell everyone about my story and instead of being embarrassed about my slow time, I decided to smile, say thank you and remember that I have the courage to lace up and run races.  So while most abled bodied people are waking up most Sundays, I already banged out 7/8 slow miles 🙂 


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