April 15, 2013

I have no words…I won’t stop running….please take a moment to honor those brave runners and heroes of today’s Boston Marathon…



I won’t stop running, I won’t stop believing!  Today’s events have made me so sad and so angry.  Today was so many peoples’ dreams…Boston, the runners’ mecca…every runners’ hopes and dreams.  People work really, really hard to get to this race..then today happened…But like every tragedy, peoples’ spirits won’t be broken, in fact it will be strengthened…

And then after my bootcamp class today something ironic happened.  I had on my Chicago Marathon jacket and this woman stopped and said did you run Chicago and I smiled and said yes, she nodded and said very cool…I felt a little guilty for smiling and saying to myself you have no idea how cool it is and was that I ran a marathon.

So I am even more motivated to be better and train harder to run my next half marathon..to get my mileage in, to not give up…to be a better athlete, to give it my all, to be okay not having that last drink and saying sorry I have my 10 mile run tomorrow.  Training has now become my first priority…running for those that can’t, is why I was placed on this earth, to show people that disabled people can run…and not only can they run, they can run marathons…So if any one who is reading this knows someone who may have become disabled because of this tragedy, tell them to write me, email me, or run with me….Disabled people can run, prosthetics and all…It is never about your pace or time, it is all about lacing up, smiling, believing in your strength and crossing the finish line!

So to all my runners in Boston, congrats for lacing up and running.. To all the injured, your life isn’t over, it just may mean you may need to work harder which makes the finish line even sweeter..BOSTON, you have only strengthened my desire to runner better and harder!


2 thoughts on “April 15, 2013

  1. Hi Carrie, My name is Kari too. (Spelled different) and I have Dystonia. April15 I thought of the Dystonia runners and hoped all were OK. This was a beautiful post. Thank you. You are an inspiration!

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