April 9, 2013

My legacy….

In a series of twists and turns of life, I have started thinking of what do I want others to remember about me.  Is it that I went to a great grad school? was a good friend? worked 80 hours a week?  or was it simply I made an impact in a life….

I have started learning that all I want to leave on this world is that I made a difference in someone’s life…that I inspired my sister to run a 5k, that I taught someone that a handicap person can still rock it out on the top of her career, that cane or not, it is what is inside not what people see on the outside.  

My journey with Dystonia has been one that I often fought, resented and even gave up on. But somewhere deep down I have always been able to stand back up and brush myself off.  Go into the next surgery knowing it will all be okay or be thankful for the time I have had to run races.  

So what do I want to be remembered by?  I want everyone to remember that I stopped fighting Dystonia and learned to live with it.

To accept my new legs, and run every race like it was going to be my last but knowing I inspired someone that day to take an extra step or sign up for a 5k.

As I train for my upcoming race, please be inspired to sign up for a race and raise awareness for Dystonia!



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