September 20, 2010

We are in the final weeks of training for my tough mudder race.    With my stress fracture and not being to run, meet my new best friend –

The next two weeks are all about determination, focus and believing in myself.  Every time I think, “what am I doing” , I respond to myself that I am challenging myself and doing things most of my “normal friends” don’t do!  I am so excited and proud of myself for signing up for this race and attacking the hills on my spin bike to get ready!  Thanks to Carolyne and Liz for doing this crazy race with me!  After all this training, fitness is forever in my life!  (the spin bike and I may take some time off, though 🙂 )


September 14, 2010

A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.

-Steve Prefontaine, American middle and long-distance runner

The Chicago half marathon has come and gone and I am still alive and smiling!  I didn’t fail in my endeavor to want to try to run the half, I am in great shape, smaller than I have been in years and healthier than I have felt since my twenties  but my foot just wasn’t ready for extreme training.  I didn’t fail, I will now train all year round and not cram my training as though I have a midterm exam.

Sitting still in the last several weeks hasn’t been easy and everyone says ” you know you can take a day off, right?”  I know I need to and that I can, but what people forget is that for 20 years I never experienced fitness…I get excited to move these legs everyday and I will lace up and run again but today the bike was just fine!

August 3, 2010

Happy to admit, I am not a morning person but because I committed to a group fitness instructor I would make her class…I did…it wasn’t easy waking up and walking in the rain but I did!  I wasn’t as crazy on my bottom half as I was on my top half but I know that I have limitations.  I recognize them.  Doesn’t mean I can’t, just means I modify.  Intimidation is never an excuse.  You set your goals, you set your definition for success…some may say I ran two half marathons, I say I ran a full one!  Success is determined by you, no one else.  Don’ let others define who you are, define yourself, set those goals, and make it happen.  Every day is a new chance to beat your own best and I know if I can anyone CAN!!!  I can’t wait to run along the Westside Highway tomorrow, it’s where it all started…”concrete  jungle where dreams are made of”…

August 2nd, 2010

Happy anniversary!  Today marks a year ago that I finished my first “marathon”.  As always I am always redefining my personal best!  It is time for me to brush off those Siu Bolts and start racing again..So here are the races planned for 2010 so far…

1) August 21 – 10K

2) Sept 12th – chicago half marathon

3) Sept 25th – 10K

4) October 9th – Tough mudder!!!

I am so happy and so thrilled to have friends and family that support me in my journey and that is what keeps me going.  Every morning I get up I define my fitness goals.  Achieving those goals isn’t about me, it is for those kids and adults that aren’t lucky as I am to have a second chance at life.  So here goes a public log of my own journey to try to run 20 half marathons in the next 5 years!  If you see me running please shout out my name!