June 3, 2017

New City, New Job, New Apartment, DYING BATTERY!!

I try to balance the good and the bad of being part robot/terminator.  The good is that I run, I work out, I kick major butt…the bad – a declining battery.  Athough I have never had children, I compare life with a dying battery with childbirth, it’s a painful process but when you get better you forget what you went through because you are so happy!  But here we are turning 42 with an almost dead battery.  It’s been super hard.  My eyes are bad, I get headaches and I sleep alot….like alot!!!! And sadly last week had to stop working out…

Because I am stronger than I was several years ago, I have been very open about everything in my new life and everyone has been so understanding.  I tend to put so much pressure on myself to be the best, so to be reassured that you are already at your best has been truly wonderful!  For that I am so grateful!

Piece of me wants to be sad and feel sorry for myself but then the intelligent part of me reminds myself that this is going to be fixed very, very soon!  And that I will be back on the training plan!

Last night I told myself this is the universe giving me a very long period to rest.  Because when I get my new battery I will be coming back stronger and better!!! The lesson learned from all of this – don’t let your battery get so drained since it affects all aspects of your life, so go see your doc and get it checked!

I’ll be back soon…better and stronger!




One thought on “June 3, 2017

  1. Carrie – what an incredibly strong person you are. You teach us all about strength and perseverance. I wish you all the best during battery change time!

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