March 8, 2017

Ouch, has it been that long since I have reached out and written…Life, gets in the way so often.  So, last year was a whirlwind, train, train, train and 2017 hasn’t brought the discipline I wished I had last year. The 4:30am runs, the endless miles and I am embarrassed to say that I have likely logged less than 15 miles all year!  But that’s okay.  This is life.  We never know what is going to be, we never know what that next day brings.  I often think of life with DBS no difference than life in general.  It happens, good and bad.

Realizing your battery will die sometime this year when you had all these trips planned, moving to a city, starting a new job can definitely overwhelming.  The first thing that I always do when I realize the time is coming near is to say when can I squeeze this surgery in.  Then I stop, pause, meditate and realize that getting a battery change is a forced pause, a reset, a new burst of energy, a way of remembering how lucky I am.

It’s been almost 11 years since the day that I had my entire life change and I will try and run 11 miles on April 4, because I CAN and because it reminds me how lucky I am.  If I can’t do 11, I will still do what I can, because my life is truly a miracle.  I will break down, I will be overwhelmed with emotions, because I still remember April 4, as clear as today.  I remember the smell of the drill in my skull, I remember the jokes, I remember promising my team if I was ever so lucky I would run a 10K, ha!  And look at me today over 10 halfs and 1 full and so many more to go!

So as much as some plans will be cancelled in 2017, I always have to remember the big picture.  I am an athlete, a runner, who everyone couple of years needs to get a battery change and you know what that’s okay.  Plans will always get cancelled, things will happen and I remind myself that’s the story of life.


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