April 27, 2011

Dystonia…What does it mean to me?

I spend so much of my time writing about running and be physically fit, that I don’t think  I have ever thought about what is Dystonia, other than the clinical definition that you can find on Wikipedia. Many don’t know that I suffer from a disease thankfully because of Medtronic and their amazing technology for the Dystonia.  But DBS is not a cure.  It is a temporary solution to a problem.  Dystonia means many things to me depending on the day, the weather, how I feel but I do know I think of my disease as a set of rolling hills.  I own the disease.  I refuse to let the disease define me.  There will be great days and there may be bad days…that’s life.  Dystonia has helped me become stronger and be a fighter….I sometimes think its the reason for my success.  The reason I work so hard.   So despite the bad days, I try and not feel bad but remember the bad days when I am on a 10 mile run and smile for 2 hours on that run.  The ground, the feeling of my feet on the ground, I love it all and I know the Dystonia makes those runs make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.  Dystonia is not my crutch, Dystonia is my reason for enjoying life.


One thought on “April 27, 2011

  1. You have an amazing story and I am honored to have had the chance to read it. I almost felt like it was my story because mine is very similar to yours. I am proud to have you as a fellow fighter of dystonia.

    Stay Strong & God Bless


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