October 1, 2011

Friends and believing in myself!

Marathon training has been a journey, many ups and many downs.  But my cheering squad has helped me throughout my training.  Every mile, every step I have to think about – land my foot properly, don’t over exert yourself, don’t aggravate your Dystonia.  What many often don’t know is that every step is a conscious thought..next week I will run my longest run yet 6 hours…and today I woke up with some foot pain and some knee pain but I am so close I can see the finish line.  I decided that this morning will be my last run and I know I can do this next week.

I want to thank every text, email, post on this blog, wall message on my Facebook – I couldn’t have done this without any of you.  You all reading this have no idea how you have made me the runner I am today and the marathon star I will become.  I joke and say I will wear my medal for a week…but I probably will.  10 years ago when I wrote in my bschool essay that it will be a miracle if I ever have the chance to run a marathon…well that miracle is very close and this blog is just to thank everyone who has given me love and support on this journey.

Thank you!

My video of the week…


One thought on “October 1, 2011

  1. You are in inspiration! I was recently diagnosed with dystonia and I am still going through a lot of testing to determine if it is the primary problem or a symptom of something else. I have been running for the past couple of years, and it has become increasingly difficult in the past couple months. When I get frustrated and down on myself, I gain courage and inspiration through reading your blog. My thoughts will be with you for your marathon. You’ve got this girl!

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