September 9, 2013…

Super star!  Sad!  Going out on top!

I have been discussing my “retirement”  with the DMRF and they have been super supportive of my retirement from long races.  Today someone from their office sent me an email with several questions regarding my retirement and I thought I would share one of my responses to the question:

8.       What helped you decide that this will be your last race? How do you feel about it?

I am very sad to have this year be my last year of running half marathons.  I realized every time I ran these long distances, I need to have adjustments and as hard as it is for me to give up running half marathons, I know that I have run for all of those that can’t.  I have inspired those that thought they couldn’t walk or run a mile and did.  Most importantly, I inspired my little sister Suzie to run/walk a 5K.  If that was what running long distances produced, I produced a miracle.  My sister was so affected by the disease it not only took her physical body but put self doubt in her mind.  The proudest day in the journey was crossing the finish line with her when she did her first 5k.  

To Suzie, you remembered big Sis as a nerd, little uncoordinated and would much rather be eating mac and cheese and cheetos than running when you and daddy were…you were my inspiration every time I wanted to quit at mile 9, tell myself I wasn’t a runner….Your tenacity to fight the disease inspired me to cross that line…Thank you for always being my inspiration, letting me be a part of your 5K and making me a better person!  These last two races you will be with me and the future 10Ks I plan on running!  Running has always been about us, carrying on your passion for the sport despite my laziness for it!  Thank you for inspiring me and others to lace up and give our best!  Everyone I dragged on a practice run or a race, we all thank you!


I love you!


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