November 19, 2013

Short but sweet….

After a sleepless night of worry and apprehension, I have just decided to let it all go and be excited and amazed by everything I have done for Dystonia.  The long distance journey was amazing….but as everything else all good things come to an end…

10ks and fitness classes for this person over here…living a fit life within my limitations will be what I will focus on.  Helping others with Dystonia live a fit life.  Just because a little twist or bend should not be an excuse to get on a sitting bike even with the help of a cane to get there…

So to lessons learned – I am strong, I am amazing, I have selflessly used my body to drive and raise awareness.   Humbling lessons – asking for help and understanding my own limitations.  Thankful for  having amazing friends who at the drop of a hat will come and help.  Thankful for my journey, thankful I retired on top… Biggest lesson learned I can’t run long distances and I don’t need a medal to prove that I am strong because just believing I am is what is most important,



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