April 4, 2014

Happy 8th Bday!

8 years ago today, my life changed.  I felt like I was given life.  I never looked back.  I am still a baby by society standards…I have experienced wins and losses and still learning my way around able bodied life!  I rarely look back, I never regret.  I question sometimes when I feel the way I feel today.  I question sometimes why the battery has to die when it does.  But all in all, I take the little bad with the overwhelming good.  I have ran races, easy ones, tough ones, I have skied, snowboarded, paddleboarded, snorkeled.  I have lived a full athletic normal life.  I have hiked, I have travelled, I have lived and won’t stop living.  I will continue to seek out adventure albeit safe ones and I will continue to take the good with the bad.

Over the last week 2 people sent me the video and I laughed and I cried when I watched it.  I am always amazed when women like myself accept what they have been given and work within those challenges.  Her line that spoke to me was so amazing – being disabled is part of being the biggest minority population out there….so I am learning every day to be okay with saying I am disabled even though you can’t see it and I am learning everyday to appreciate the good  with the bad.  But I have a gift and like Maysoon, I want to use this gift to inspire others to not give up.

So on this 8th birthday I have decided that I want to start dedicating more and more of my life about talking about living with Dystonia, living with a disability.  This is nothing to be ashamed about but instead is just a part of who I am, no different from having black eyes.  Fast forward a week from today and I will be entering the hospital getting ready for my new recharged battery and life, and I have never been so excited to have surgery!


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