April 22, 2014

On the mend…

So I am finally back to feeling myself these days!  DBS has a funny way of reminding you how precious life is!  This surgery was quite the one to go down in the books.  I had a battery replacement and a battery readjustment which means that I had surgery on both sides and I honestly forgot how hard it was to recover from a dual surgery.  The surgery was tough, puking from the minute we left the hospital and all night.  I had my favorite anesthesiologist Bob, but still ended up getting super sick!  But 11 days later I have to say I made it!  I feel so much better, so much stronger mentally. I am publicly stubborn and went to work yesterday all day, but I felt so mentally strong I was ready to go back.  I paid for it last night and scaled back a little today…but so happy that piece of my life is done.  I am crossing fingers I am surgery free for 2 years…Both batteries are strong!  And even though I am supremely antsy about not being able to work out I am touched by all the love and support I have had from so many friends through this crazy period.  I was embarrassed about asking people to open doors but I have gotten over that.  I need help PERIOD.  We all do at different times of our lives.  I am thankful for all the calls and flowers, I feel so loved.  I have no shame anymore calling myself a cyborg…I am excited to run a 10K with the man that has the most patience in the world and has been on this Dystonia journey with me for the last 9 years! Dr.T I can’t wait to cross that finish line with you!   I am excited to coach the Dystonia Marathon running team.  I am excited that some of my classmates from school are inspired by my strength!  And what excites me most from seeing the worst of a battery decline to a new battery is the smile on my face today!  The terminator is quickly on the mend!  Thanks again for all the love and support!



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