May 17th, 2014

It happened again…

Six weeks to the day, I had my first run 🙂  It was a short one, 1 mile but that first mile post surgery is always the best mile!  I had such an amazing run, the water, the bridge, it all felt so familiar, so exciting!  I am so happy to have been able to lace up and gotten to go for a short run.  I walked after my first mile because despite one body the left side is taking a little longer than my right side to recover.  But despite just being able to run a mile, I feel very lucky, very blessed!  I walked and in the past when that used to make me sad, but someone once told me despite walking or running, you still cover the same distance…so I walked with the biggest grin ever.  I am back, going to ramp back up slowly, but just so happy and lucky to be able to do one of the things I cherish the most in life.  I can’t wait to start running to spread the Dystonia cause but in the meantime I am virtually coaching the ones who volunteered to run NYC for Dystonia, which is so coaching!  

To lacing up again!

If anyone wants to run NYC please respond to this blog and I can put you in touch with the right people!


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