August 18, 2010

My fan club..that’s my inspiration daily to get it done!  I love working out because I can.  Others complain and moan about it, I love heading to the gym every day because it is my second home, my family!  Everyday when I walk into an Equinox to get my daily workout, I look forward to seeing the faces of Jason, Rayme, Lois, Tonya, Don, Fabienne, Lisa, their smiles greet me to my second home!  To the minute I am told to “have a great workout”, I get down to business.  My half marathon is in less than a month and I am running for everyone that can’t.  But on  a daily basis, the team at Equinox gets me going, they make me want to go back..they cheer me on!  and for that I am thankful!  Find your daily cheering squad, it makes it more fun!  and to the Equinox 900 team…thank you, you inspire me and make me want to be a better athlete!!!


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