August 22, 2010

10K – done and done!!!! I finished!!!  It wasn’t easy, I can’t lie. I definitely have some sort of stress fracture and won’t take care of it until after tough mudder.  I am so thrilled to say that I was happy with my mental energy believing in myself. I started out strong and by mile 3, I felt the “I can’ts” kick in…it didn’t last for too long though, I remembered why I was running.  I remembered it was about me, it was about every person that has always told me that I couldn’t, it was for the staff at equinox that tells me hello everyday when I walk in to train and it is for my own personal fan club.  I thank all of you for believing in me, when I start doubting my strength, I think of all of you and I take a breathe, smile, cry and run away!

Next up – half marathon on Sept. 12th


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