January 15th, 2011

Broken Foot, Tremors, I am thankful.

For some 2011, may have been a super start, for others life has already thrown many curve balls in their way.  For me, I may have been thrown some lemons, but I am making lemonade!

I found out 2 weeks ago I broke my foot in my NYE race.  For a period of 24 hours I felt sad for myself, then I realized that wasn’t my style.  I am still working out 6 days a week, doing upper body training, pilates and “cranking” riding with my arms and still kicking butt!  Lemonade variety #1

I have also been experiencing tremors again in the last couple of weeks.  Not ideal.  But honestly I didn’t even flinch. 2011 is not proving to anyone but myself of what I can and cannot do.  So what if I can’t do another MUD race?   It is okay because I did 1!  how amazing!  Life is about attacking the hills….the tremors are temporary, I am seeing my fav person Joan in two weeks to see what’s wrong.  Lemonade Variety #2.

You grow stronger from life’s setbacks.  Life is amazing and unfolds everyday.  Smile.  I am stronger than this hill everyday!  I never used to like lemonade but varieties 1 and 2 taste alright to me today!


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