January 18th, 2011

Disabled, Handicapped, Crippled, Retarded.

These labels used to swirl around my head often when I think about Dystonia.  I have to say after much work, I don’t let these labels get to me.  I have been given a challenge that makes life interesting.  Today, I had a challenge training session when I admitted to my Equinox trainer that my left hand was contorting a little.    So we modified, lighter weights, more reps…

Modifications, limitations – these are labels I now use.  I don’t let Dystonia get to me.  So worse case I can’t run a marathon on my two feet, maybe I modify and complete it in a wheelchair.  I need to let my brain work with the DBS; not against it.

I am going to the doctor next week and hopefully this terminator will get a great tune up.  But either way, life has a way of presenting challenges daily…the question is do you sit there and cry or do you attack the situation with a game plan to modify.  We all have limitations that’s fine to admit, but never dismiss your life to a label others call you…define your life…and dream…no dream is too big!


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