June 13, 2011

When life hands you lemons…

Recently I have been thinking about taking time off from running because I have broken my foot so many times recently.  It dawned on me, my gait has changed…My feet are adapting and that is one of the interesting things about Dystonia…it evolves and you need to evolve with it!  DON’T get stuck…I was bummed for about 10 minutes and I decided I would take up power walking!  I am going to be that fast walker, fist pumping person who sings as she walks…I would always look at that person and think why isn’t he/she running but I understand now, they probably can’t.  So I am going to race this year, but 2011 will be all about power walking!  I will finish and I will continue to spread the awareness of Dystonia.

If anyone who is reading this post would like to run the Chicago Marathon and run for me and others that can’t  please email Tammy at treed@dystonia-foundation.org as soon as possible. The DMRF has been awarded a handful of post close entries that must be filled by June 30th and we would love to have you join the Dystance4Dystonia team to raise awareness about dystonia!  There is still no cure and research is still necessary to learn more about the disease!


3 thoughts on “June 13, 2011

  1. Our many thanks to Carrie for all of her efforts to raise much needed awareness about dystonia. Carrie, you are an inspiration to many!

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