July 3, 2011

Its been a while since I have blogged but was waiting for my clip on Living Healthy Chicago to air and it was on TV this morning.  It was all about my life with Dystonia.  It was amazing telling my story; telling the TV community about my life with Dystonia….that’s never happened.  The plight of not feeling attractive, not dating, yet focusing on what I have – my brain and that was all I had.  My intelligence, my drive to be successful.  Seeing the clip made me understand my resistance to DBS, my legs were taken away from me  at 11 how could I risk my brain being taken away from me as well…None of this ever dawned on me till today.  Life changes, daily, you never know what each day brings and it became apparent in today’s clip that my right leg drags a little these days…but that’s okay.  I may just have to run a little slower now, but I still run for the 300,000 of us that life with Dystonia everyday…. smile…be grateful for all your friends and family that love and support you in your daily battle with Dystonia….Thanks to everyone for loving and supporting my in my crazy endeavors, I finally told my story on TV!

Clip to come soon…


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