July 19, 2011

Running for Dystonia.  Running with Dystonia.

I am beyond excited to start training for the marathon (even though I am only planning to do about 13-15 miles).  For the first week in a long time, I feel great.  Its been awhile  quite frankly that I have felt this great…since last summer I sustained 2 stress fractures, a broken foot and some minor battery issues.  Last Saturday marks my come back.  I am running again, doing my pilates and getting my strength training in as well.   I learned a lesson from the last year.  I have limitations and instead of ignoring them, I am working within the parameters of my Dystonia. I run. I run/walk.  I pace at 13 minutes.  I have 4 miles to run tomorrow.  I will do my tempo drills.  I will do it at my pace.

Last new year’s my friend Carolyne said to me I had no idea how hard it is for you to run.  I said it is, running for me isn’t about floating in the air and becoming one with the road…it is about thinking about every step and reminding myself to make sure my right foot does invert on the landing.    But it is also about thinking about every child that is in a wheelchair and that can’t run.  I am happy to spread the word about Dystonia through my running.  I would love a child, teenage or young adult to read this website and be inspired to lace up and walk or run or whatever get on a spin bike and ride….It is not about 26.2, it is not about winning, it is about doing your personal best.

New Year’s Eve, I felt bad Carolyne who paces sub 9 was running with me at 12+ pace and I kept on saying to her “I am sorry”….I have left that guilt in 2010…There is nothing to be sorry about; quite the opposite…She looked at me and said it is my honor to run with you my friend.  My friends are my source of energy and who make me want to get across that finish line…Be inspired, take your friend’s hand, and do the best you can do!


2 thoughts on “July 19, 2011

  1. i seen ur story on tv an made myself get up an stop making excuses for not doin more in every aspect of my life thank u …

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