August 7, 2011

It’s not the destination, it truly is the journey!

Yesterday was one of the best physical days I have had.  I completed 10 miles.  I did it through the Jeff Galloway method…I ran 3 minutes and I walked a minute.  I adapted, I don’t need to train the way everyone else is, I am not everyone else.  I am a Dystonia patient, who with the use of wires and stimulators and a lot of drive and stubborness will never let the disease take the best of her.  I cried on mile 6.  Not tears of pain but tears of joy.  I still dont believe it some days.  I had to pause and  walk…I couldn’t let that moment pass me by.

I also then thought of my sister who reached a major milestone and walked 2.5 miles yesterday – something not so easy for her…to be honest some days not so easy for me…but every step is one more step I have in me and one step we all have in ourselves.  One of the lessons I have learned with my sister this week is that once she decided that she had the will to do it, she did! We all have to remember that we can try and beat the disease! Some days it seems impossible, but never give up there is always tomorrow.  When there are moments your mind tells you to give up, dig deep, find your heart and soul and all of a sudden you will be 2 more miles further.  The hardest part is often getting up for the run but when I get to the lake and see such diversity – wheelchair racers, women and men in their 70s, people you can tell have their personal demons, I get excited.  Yet, we all smile to each other and acknowledge we are on the same journey.

Enjoy the journey!  I am, not pushing myself, but digging deep.  I am training for the Chicago marathon, not sure how much I am going to complete, but I will still cry and I will still be thankful of how lucky I am!


2 thoughts on “August 7, 2011

  1. You inspired me. Famous words from the cruise last november in the gym on a spin bike, something i had never done before; Carrie said to me, “DIg deep Suz, I know you can do this, just a little further.” Those infamous words of wisdom, or as I prefer to call it “that annoying voice in my head” reminds me everytime I want to stop walking and throw the towel in. Instead now, I slow down the treadmill to a snail’s pace but I keep walking.

    You are an inspiration to me and lots of other people out there not just the ones fighting dystonia, but also the one’s that have the ability to walk. I had a co-worker tell me this, “You are not handicapped, but more challenged! That is why I admire you!”

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