August 14, 2011

Dogs Days Are Over….Chicago Marathon here I come!

This week’s kick Carrie’s butt song…..

This weekend I did 13 miles!  The first 10 miles were great…good music, and every time I thought I was tired I kept on thinking about my sister training, my legs finally being one with the ground and being at peace with my Dystonia.  The lake as always was amazing, I passed one of my favorite Equinox instructors Julie, paced myself with these 2 older women and smiled at anyone who let me smile at them.  I always wondered what to think about for such a long run and yesterday it wasn’t too hard…great friends, the dougie (the dance), my sister training for her 5k, wheelchairs, my brain surgery and finally reminding myself that I should try and do the marathon in the time it took for my first brain surgery – 6 hours.

I couldn’t run this without medical research, without those who spend all their time searching for cures for Dystonia and in return, I run for those that tirelessly work to help find a cure!

Please donate anything you can to help…


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