August 16, 2011

Don’t Stop Believing….5 years ago…if only…5 years later…I CAN!

My inspiring song of the day…

As I am in full on training mode, I am also trying to figure out the science on hydration and nutrition…it is all new to me since I never thought I would be full on marathon training.  I am learning that training is all about the mind, the legs and the fuel to go on….as well as the people that are cheering you on.  I am on track a little behind but my goal is to finish in the time it took me to have brain surgery….around 6 hours!  I am not pushing, I am definitely slow and steady but I have finally figured out what to think about when I am running.  My highs/my lows in life and then when I think I can’t go on  April 4, 2006…the day that changed my life the day I did believe that something great was going to happen.  I am as optimistic as the day I had surgery that I am going to cross this finish line and if I don’t there will be others and I will never stop believing or running!

Please help support me as I run to raise funds for Dystonia research!


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