October 9, 2011 – “marathon day”

it’s here!  the day I have been dreaming about for so long…if you are reading this please send me good thoughts, this will not be easy but I am a fighter and I am prepared to fight for this….however the race ends, I know I truly did my best and I am thankful I was able to say the word “marathon” so many times this year 🙂  Thanks to my best friend Liz for raising money, between both of us we raised approximately $24K with all matching donations….Thanks to everyone that donated and thanks to everyone in advance that will be cheering me on from near and far…and I reminded myself this morning smile and have fun with this.  Miles 1-25 are for Suzie, friends, kids with dystonia, and mile 25 – 26.2 is for me…I often forget to celebrate myself but I decided today mile 25-26.2 is for MY strength, MY tenacity and MY ability to take the insurmountable and manage to come through the other end with a smile.

See you at the finish line!


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