October 24, 2011

Some marathon reflections…

This was my motto during the marathon…

These were my angels…the women that helped me achieve a dream

Finisher….26.2 miles…completed

Lessons learned…

I am very proud of my accomplishment, proud I am now in the top elite of those who can say they have run and completed a marathon.  I am proud of the money I raised and the awareness I spread…I am proud that I got it done, stress fracture, bummed knee and all – I did it to inspire and help kids realized that dreams do come true…

But on the flip side there are many repercussions that I am suffering because of all the stress I put on my body.  My body is still in shock, I have had numerous physical ailments – foot and knee…and some slight tremors have reoccurred in my right hand.  I have sacrificed my body and have many loved ones concerned of the stress because of my selfish quest to complete a marathon.  My body is slowly recovering but I have learned a big lesson through this journey – I need to care more about my body and realize my limitations.  October 9, 2011- a miracle happened.  October 9, 2011 – I ran my first marathon.  October 9, 2011 – I ran my last marathon. October 9, 2011 – I learned how and why I need to take care of myself.



One thought on “October 24, 2011

  1. Carrie ~ I am as proud of you as if you were my own sister. What you have accomplished – both personally and for the cause of Dystonia – is something that nobody else could have done the way you did it! You have carried yourself with dignity, respect, honor, and an immense amount of strength! I, from the bottom of my hear and the depths of my soul, want u to know that i am proud of what you have accomplished and proud to say that i have met you and you are as beautiful on the inside as you are outside. Keep you head up and take care of yourself!

    ~Rebecca 🙂

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