December 16, 2011

Gratitude. Reflection.

I am so thankful for everything 2011 has brought me.  2011 tested my strength, my willingness to take risks and the faith to believe in myself.  2011, started with a race in central park and it ended with my completion of my first marathon.  I am so grateful for everyone that has helped me along the way and cheered me on.  I know for many of you; it was hard to see me put my body through the training and the race but as I knew, you were there for me post race while my body recovered.  I often get asked would I do it again, and the answer is absolutely!  Will I do another one? Absolutely not!  My goal wasn’t to run 26.2 miles it was to run to raise awareness and inspire others.

I inspired my greatest cheerleader – my sister!  She set a goal to walk her first 5K and that goal was completed on December 10th, 2011.  I surprised my sister in Gainesville to walk  her first 5K with her.  I truly have to say it was one of the best memories I will cherish forever.  For the entire family to cheer Suzie on was incredible.  20+ surgeries later she crossed her finish line!

Team Suzie Superstars did it!  We crossed the finish line in about an hour and to see Suzie accomplish her goal was priceless!

December always makes me reflect, what happened and what’s to come.  I feel like the richest person some days.  Sitting here in India reflecting on what’s important to me, made me realize, I am truly wealthy.  I have surrounded myself with some of the world’s greatest friends, feel truly loved everyday and have an amazing family that never stands in front of me pursuing my dreams.

2011 was all about making changes and learning to love myself.  I am excited to see what’s in store in 2012 and for any Dystonia patient reading this right now.  Celebrate the good and bad days.  Stay strong and own the disease, never ever let the disease tell you what you can’t do; you tell the disease what you can do!

Happy Holidays to you and all of your families!


One thought on “December 16, 2011

  1. Carrie, as always, I am inspired and moved by you! Your strength through the tough times and your inspiration to others through their tough times makes you special! I say it again, I am honored and privileged to have been able to meet you in person and cheer you on from a distance! God bless you AND your family in 2012 and i hope that our paths meet and cross again! 🙂 Rebecca Sharp

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