July 9, 2012

Partners – believing in yourself and having someone believe in you!

We often think we CAN or CAN’T do something…can’t snowboard, can’t run a marathon, can’t…..that’s our mind’s response to trying something new, going out of our comfort zone or just thinking you can’t do something…How quickly we forget that we ran a 5K, rocked a 10K, dreamed of a half marathon and crossed the finish line at a marathon. What comes to mind is always – I can’t I have Dystonia.

Well I finally found a partner that believes in ME.  He realizes how strong I really am and reminds me that I can beat the Dystonia, I can let it run behind me and not run my life.  This weekend I ran my first 10K Trail Run and it was awesome.  It was brutal, quite challenging, but I remained strong, ran through the pain and just kept on chanting “left, left, left, you can do this” and I did!  Matt was as ever the cheerleader, he ran the race with me, often ran in front of me when my legs wouldn’t listen to my brain but could only mimic his legs…his spirit and his humor carried me across the finish line.  His cheering made me realize I can do this and with a little (maybe a lot) nudge I can do anything I set my mind to!


3 thoughts on “July 9, 2012

  1. I was diagnosed with generalized Dystonia, 4 years ago it has been a long and difficult struggle. I am just starting to run and find your blog inspirational, it’s good to know that someone can over come the difficulties of Dystonia and achieve such amazing goals.

  2. Carrie – Congratulations on this run! Matt – congratulations to you on being such a supportive, caring partner. Together – you can do anything! Janet Hieshetter

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