October 14, 2012

Today is a new day, every day is a new opportunity to redefine yourself and to remind yourself to smile.  I ran about 7 miles today, by myself and very thrilled at the strength my legs have these days.  It is often easy to convince yourself of what you can’t do.  The harder challenge is to remind yourself what you CAN do.  Believing in yourself is hard.  I found myself today over a cup of coffee with an old friend remembering the obstacles I have overcome.  The fact that when I was 11, DBS didn’t exist and here I am today training for my 3rd half marathon.  

It is simply amazing what belief in yourself can bring, how happiness can be found in the littlest actions.  Today my happy moment was high fiving the hands on the GG bridge.  Tomorrow it will be seeing someone I haven’t seen in a little while.  Who knows what life brings and remember its okay sometimes to be sad and acknowledge the sadness.  But the next day wake up and say, “I am a bad a$$”.

You know what I said this morning – you are a Bad A$$ go get those 7 miles.  Done and Done.  Be inspired.  Dream Big!


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