November 11, 2012

Help. Need.  Appreciating every day to its fullest.

Sometimes in life, you need to look at yourself in the mirror and accept what you can and can’t change.  When living with dystonia, there is the unknown fact that you live everyday to the fullest.  The day you can walk or run, is a day that is truly a miracle.  A friend of mine once told me, when you blog it all seems so happy, so rose colored; please let everyone know of the lows, the bad days.

So here goes.  Sometimes you have bad days, sometimes you have to ask for help and sometimes you don’t know how to.  But “normal” people think its so easy just say “hey, I need a helping hand”.  What most “normals” don’t realize is that help means: OMG is it getting worse, OMG am I just having a bad day, OMG please let it be okay.  Dystonia is never really defined in a medical journal in how it unfolds when you are 15, 20, 25, 37.  What Dystonia has taught me: is to find a reason to smile, is to find a reason to appreciate every step I take and to realize life is too short to get caught up in the minutia of the BS but to remember what is important – a smile, a touch, a jump, a random act of kindness.  What DBS has taught me is the experience of loving, loving myself, loving others and learning how to trust.  What DBS gave me is a miracle to aspire to be inspirational.  DBS is a gift to me and even if I am having issues with the DBS what I have learned is that miracles happen and I am truly grateful of being a living miracle.  I am truly grateful of my family, my friends and the people that remind me everyday that I can walk.  

Be thankful for everyday, thank the ones that love you the most everyday and cherish every step you can take.




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