February 14, 2013

I love my blog, I love my Dystonia, I love my DBS, I love me.

I just want to send some eternal love to all the followers of this blog, my friends, my family and to everyone that just needs a warm and fuzzy blog.  I love my ability to walk, I love my ability to run, and I love smiling doing it all at a 15 minute pace.  I love that I have this chance everyday again.  And I love my Dystonia.  I love what Dystonia has taught me.  My relationship with Dystonia is like any other relationship, we break up, we get angry, I forgive, and then when I am better I learn to appreciate why I love the disease.  The disease was a gift to me.  A gift to remind me everyday how lucky I am to be a DBS success and have a passion to test my boundaries with a ski class, a strenuous hike or just a walk with a friend.  So today, I profess my love for all of what Dystonia has taught me and how it made me the beautiful, strong woman I am today!


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