March 3, 2013

Run carrie run…

I am back…I am running for all of those that “can” but because they have severe forms of Dystonia they physically can’t.  I am running for all of those that smile in spite of their disease, I am running for all the kids who have inspired me to be selfless.

I am not running for the medals or the pictures.  I am finally accepting that I too have dystonia.  I am running at a 14 minute pace and proud…because what I remember nowadays is that DBS is a gift, a gift I shouldn’t abuse, but a gift that I can do good with.  So please train with me, please send me good running vibes, please tell your kids about this stranger who is like them and running for them.  I am running because I am lucky and I am spreading that luck to everyone.  So if you ever see me running slow and steady feel free to high five me 🙂

If you can spare $10 to help find a cure, please donate below!


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