March 16, 2013

Don’t stop believin’…

There are days when I just am not sure I can run that last mile or just want to hop in a cab and give up…and then there are moments when I realize I should never stop believing…believing that I can run or even believing that I can and did run a marathon.  There are times when people remind me how amazing it is I ran a marathon.  The beauty about that statement is that no one ever says you ran a marathon in 7 hours, right?  I sometimes remember how sad I was that I didn’t get it done in 6 hours and then I remember but I finished and that’s all that matters.  A little 11 year old who woke up one morning with an introverted foot, ran a marathon…me a 36 year old woman with Dystonia.

I forget sometimes that just the act of running is more than 90% of my able-bodied friends aspire to do, I realize that I am a stronger person for just getting out there and running a 14 minute mile.  So no matter what you can do, a mile, 3 miles, be proud you tried, be proud you laced up and just remember that you run the disease, it doesn’t run you!

To October 9, 2011….



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