March 25, 2013

Candy Cane…

Today I was in the process of a move and in the last group of items there she was, in all her glistening and glory – my cane.  My first instinct was to throw it in the garbage, then I got angry and then I started to have hand tremors remembering all what that cane had meant to ME.  Then I began taking deep breaths and realized that the cane means relief to others – mobility, a sense of normalcy.  So why was something that was meant to help me become a source of anger for me?  I realized that was because I am still dealing with what it means to have Dystonia…it means that my mobility relies on wires and batteries, that I am going to have occasional hand tremors and most of all, I really can’t run if DBS didn’t exist.  So I realized after 5 minutes that Candy Cane was my friend, not my enemy.  Candy helped me walk the streets of Manhattan when my own legs couldn’t and she helped me stand tall on the days I couldn’t.  So Candy made the move, she is a reminder to me of what can be and how nice it is to have a friend to lean on :).


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