May 12, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day…

I have been very lucky to have a mother who has been there through good times and hung on through bad…My mother has been the one that was there when the wires were put in my head and the person that held my hair back when my first neurostimulators were put in and I couldn’t stop vomiting for two days.  She was there the first day when I was 11 and knew something was wrong.  She was there when I told her I just hurt my foot and she didn’t believe me.  She was there that night when my little 12 year old body was so tight that I couldn’t fall asleep.  I remember that night like it was yesterday, I remember her holding me and just telling me to breathe and try to relax.  I remember that after her holding me for hours I woke up in her arms after that dystonic spell was over.  As a mother of two children with Dystonia, mother’s day is almost every day…a day of worry and a daily call saying mom “hi”.  Many don’t realize us Dystonia kids have our challenges, episodes of freezing, episodes of falling and episodes of tremors.  So my mom is just as special as her two daughters with a rare disease, for raising such strong and independent women,  My mom never said no, she has always just said do what you can do…So again, whenever I run, she is also there with me letting me know whatever I do, I did my best.  Thanks mom!



One thought on “May 12, 2013

  1. This is such a movie piece. Your mother is a real life hero that needs more than one day to be appreciated out of the year. I am sure she knows how much you love her and thank her for all she has done. And I love how you two bond over something as exciting as running. Good luck with every and never stop running 🙂

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