June 3, 2013

I had a bad day…

I debated this blog for the last 30 hours because yesterday wasn’t pretty.  Quite frankly it was kinda of horrible (in my mind)…From mile 1, the race was a hard one, I was really low energy and just didn’t have it in me….By 0.5 mile my toe which usually starts hurting around mile 6 kicked in with massive pain.  By mile 4, I thought I was done…so then the water works started.  I just was ready to walk off the course and be over with the whole thing.  I turned to Heather crying and said, I trained so hard for this, worked so hard for this and I am done, I give up.  She then turned to me and said…we are going to get this done, no matter what…I won’t let you give up…you look low energy have a gu….I have to say what I heard was ” you aren’t a quitter, you never have been, why are you starting now?” and so the journey began, at mile 4 I had no other choice but to run 9.1 miles in excruciating pain with a runny nose…between heather and my mom and sister texting, thank god….letting me know how much they loved me and believed in me, I know I couldn’t let all my supporters down.   So net, net I raised $1700…and that’s all that matters.  And you know what when most of the people I know were still sleeping, I ran 13.1 miles…  So I had a bad day, I have about 2 other halfs I have signed up for this year so if not yesterday maybe one later this year…let’s get this toe fixed and we’ll be good to go…and just so you know I got back on the horse today and took a spinning class…my pity party is over, on to the next one!ImageImage


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