July 5th, 2013

Hello there! I am back.  I needed a month off of my blog to reset my mind, body and soul.  I had to take stock after that last race and be at peace that everyone has a bad day and that was my last race – a bay day.  In the month, I have made sure my knees are fine and that my toe pain was taken care of.  I needed to take care of my body, but I also needed to realize that I needed to believe in me.  

Last night, I was looking at my facebook profile pictures and realized in 7 years I went from bald to a full head of long hair….then it struck me, my legs are really only 7 years old and I am learning how to be a better runner everyday.  I have had so many setbacks and I always get it up stronger and better…So when I learned I got into the Nike Half Marathon, I decided to train properly and take the learnings from my last race and be better.   Failures happen for a reason, they are meant to help us learn to be better; to be stronger…So here I begin training for my race on October 20th, I am going to lace up and go for a long run and be proud of all that I have accomplished over the 7 years – running 7 miles without stopping, taking a 1 minute off my time and most importantly enjoy every minute of it!


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