July 15th, 2013

Celebration time…

This week marks 6months since I had my surgery, since they found my open circuit…the one that caused me so much pain and anguish in my physical chest and in my heart.  Yet, that battery just symbolizes one more change in life and as we all know one thing that is constant in life is change.  I am extremely lucky and fortunate that I believed in myself and that my doctor also believed in my intuition.  Life is full of ups and downs, but often we forget the downs, please learn from them.  Dystonia will always present challenges in my life, however it will never break my spirit.  

Call me crazy, many do…but 6 months post surgery ran several 10Ks and one half marathon and training for two more in the very close future…My spirit my be bent at some times, but it will never be broken.  I love my scars, I adore my little limp on off days and I am very blessed and lucky that I have such supporting friends and family…

In 6 months, I went from cane and wheelchair to being able to be sporty again…and I just want to take this week to remember how lucky I am for great doctors, good friends and an amazing family!  My friend Karen ran a marathon in my honor last November and this past weekend, someone who I have never seen in 20 years secured a marathon medal for me and my sister…so to Karen and all the others out there…I love you all for going out and pushing your own limits to raise awareness of this disease!


One thought on “July 15th, 2013

  1. I can’t tell You how your story has touched me. I too have focal foot dystonia and I go tomorrow for My first botox shot. I pray it works and goes well and now You are in my prayers as well. I ran 5 half marathons last year with my daughter and now I can barely walk a half mile. I don’t care if I ever run again, I just want my life back.. God Bless you.

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