July 29, 2013

Living life with a disability, “taking care of myself”, retirement

Life is always interesting, life with a disability is sometimes just a party!  You never know when you are going to get your next surprise….I have been training so hard for my next half marathons – gaining speed, losing weight, feeling great…but my Dystonia gave me a surprise…I saw the signs, but as always I ignored them…I thought I must just be tired..take a day off…then the signs couldn’t be ignored and I realized all this training and running may be too much for my body.  That I would only run 5 more half marathons, and then I am done, I will retire…

Then I had an epiphany this weekend, who am I kidding…I will be retiring this year.  This was a painful decision for me and I am not even a professional athlete.  I have always wanted to do the Nike womans half and the SF half over the bridge and then that’s it…I am done!  Tears are streaming down my face as I write this…but I can’t keep on putting my family, friends and work through these cycles of not feeling well.  I’ll cap my races at 10Ks and be happy with just being fit and healthy.

I have ran more halfs than most of my friends and I should be proud of that.  I remember when I set out on this journey I said to Dr.T if this surgery works I would be so happy running a 10K…so here I am at the circle of life…started with a 10K worked my way to half and even a full marathon, completed the tough mudder and got the most respect reward, so I have had an awesome almost 8 years of training for various half marathons and other races but 2013 is my time to call it quits.  November 3rd will be my last, I will be crying for so many reasons when I cross that finish line, but I know this is the right thing to do.

I am finally understanding what taking care of myself means – being proud of my accomplishments and celebrating small wins!  I can’t wait to cheer others on who decide to run for the DMRF in my name or for others…I can’t wait to get back to running 10Ks…and even though I am nearing the end, I can truly say I had an awesome time inspiring others, training with the ones I love and having the ability to say i have ran a marathon…

For my readers, please follow the rest of my journey for my last 2 half marathons here and this isn’t the end, there will be other adventures ahead..I just have to listen to my body now and take care of myself!


Run Carrie Run!


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