August 7, 2013

Shakey but that’s okay…

So it’s back to the reality of Dystonia, the what if days…I have to say the last couple of weeks have been rough…the tall tales have started which I haven’t used in a long time…when my speech is slurred, I just tell people I am really tired…when I am sitting on my hands or fidgeting I say I have had too much coffee and when I go to the gym I get sad, actually very sad but I am trying to keep my head up and a smile on my face as I know best.  I am stubborn I will acknowledge that, I will run these last two marathons in oct and nov and will truly retire..i have to cross two wishes off my list the Nike Women’s half and running a half over the GG bridge…stupid, I know but I want these dreams to come true.  

I received one of the nicest comments from my last blog and felt the need to write to tell all my fellow dystonia friends, live your life fearlessly but do it cautiously.  I may walk/run these last two marathons which wasn’t the goal, but a finish is a finish so i’ll take that!  Please don’t push your body to prove points, I have started to call my Dystonia my superpowers, my license to live fearlessly.

and on days like today when my fingers have their own super powers I thank apple for autocorrect! 🙂


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