August 21, 2013

…and the training begins!  I am so happy that the doc was able to identify my issues and finally hope to see some relief!  I am excited to start running again!  I am excited to be running my first SF half marathon in a little over 8 weeks!  I am so happy to be thankful for the little things.  Life is like a marathon, there are bumps, hills, ups and downs, times when I want to give up and don’t.  I have reminded myself so many times not to give up, to keep on believing in myself to get to the finish line.  So it begins…2 half marathons in SF and I can’t wait to run in one of the most beautiful cities I have ever lived in!  So San Fran watch out, I am back, lacing up this weekend and starting to train!  

For those of you looking for an entry into the NYC marathon, please comment on my blog.  We have some entries for the DMRF and would love some more runners to take part!


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