September 7, 2013

One foot in front of the other…

I went on my long run today and as always when I run one thought runs into another…I realize today training is like life, I can give up when I want or if I keep on going at it no matter how many times I think I can’t do it … I usually do!  Today was no different…82 degrees, sunny and America’s cup in my background…I wasn’t sure I could do it…but….



I did it!!! faster than ever…my pace keeps on getting stronger and stronger and my new goal is to try to get to a 10min pace for my half marathons…I am so dedicated for these next two races…I want to be so proud of myself…Today when I high fived and tagged the paws under the golden gate bridge, I was so excited that I found my groove, found my inner strength…I also had a little strength from a song on new race song of fall 2013…Katy Perry’s Roar!  I am the eye of the Tiger!  2013, you are going to be my running year and I am going to be happy going out on top!  

PS Still very very stunned a year ago I was pacing at 13+/min and soooo close to the 10s!!



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