September 24, 2013

What if I died tomorrow…

I have been thinking about something so simple for the last couple of weeks and then I had breakfast with an old friend and I had my “aha” moment…The universe has been sending me many signs, some of which I ignored, some of which I acknowledged but most I construed as garbage.  But today over eggs my friend was like do you realize we always want a nice car, a nice house, a substantial amount of wealth but is that really what will make you happy?  Because, the house may not be big enough, the ring may not be big enough, the car may not be German enough so truly is your happiness marked on material things, is that really what we should aspire for?  Then I decided to share something I have been thinking…

If I died tomorrow, I was a living miracle, I was truly honored in this world to be chosen as someone who can inspire others to greater heights, to challenge themselves, to reach for the stars.  By no means, am I Nelson Mandela or Ghandi but I am not sure how many of my friends or people in general get a message such as this:

Hi Carrie, my name is Justyna and I’m writing to you from Poland. I also have dystonia and I underwent DBS 1,5 year ago. At the beginning of September I run first meters in my life.. I’m overjoy but also scared that this happiness can’t last forever.. Your story gives my hope that maybe one day I’ll also run 10K. Wish you all the best!

It finally clicked in my head, I am extremely lucky in life, I am not sure I know anyone that can say that you have inspired me, you have changed me.  I get messages like these all the time but I dismiss them but Justyana, I heard you.  Thank you.  Be inspired, your strength is in you not me, I just was the little push you needed.

So if I died tomorrow, did I change the world? Yes, I changed the way many think about their Dystonia, helped them become more fearless.  So I realized today for the first time in a long time…I am one of a special few that can say I inspired many to be better…so what if I don’t have a BMW, Tesla or a 6 bedroom house, I have more than that, I have the gift of knowing I changed and touched many lives.  Thank you universe for making me one of the lucky few…so from this day forward, the small stuff is just that the small stuff, I will continue spreading my passion to find a cure but more importantly to inspire a 12 year old to ride a bike for 20 minutes or a girl from Poland to run a 10k!  

Justyana, I am cheering for you from the US…thank you for making me realize my purpose in this world!




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