September 30, 2013

Here we go two half marathons in the next 5 weeks…

Actually 3, since next Sunday will be a twelve miler….I am ready for the celebration of ending my running half marathons, but I am never going to stop running…I already signed up for the North Face Endurance 10K…an amazing way to make a 10K challenging and fun…On to the new thing already…small 6 mile trail runs, shorter distances yet still challenging!  

I am excited to run my next 12 miles next week.  I haven’t felt stronger and more confident…life is funny…a year ago, I could barely run 4miles because my battery was mildly starting to bother me and as I train for the same run I tried to do last year, this year is different.  I remember how devastated I was so many things were falling apart at the same time and here we are a year later and slowly things are getting better, stronger…sometimes you have to remember what challenges you go through so you learn how to fight for what you really want…I am so happy I fought for myself to be heard by a doctor, any doctor and am so happy that DR. T listened…a year ago I remember thinking, what if…and I here we are almost 3 half marathons completed in one year….but what makes me happiest about this retirement is finally having my sister come see me run.  See her big sister cross the finish line and every time I think about it I start to tear up.  So many may not understand why I cry at every finish line though I have crossed many up to this day.. but to run the SF half and retire in my home city with friends and my sister is a gift no amount of money could buy…

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One thought on “September 30, 2013

  1. Hi Carrie. It’s so nice reading your story and that you have run so much to spread awareness for such a horrible disease. I too have had DBS for my dystonia. And that little sister of your’s, well let’s just say I know a little about her. She has been my person pushing me to fight and tell the drs when something isn’t right. Suzie is such an awesome person and I know firsthand how proud you make her when you run. I always had a vision that when I got out of my wheelchair, that I would do what I always thought I hated and that’s run!!! I found out you were doing this run in SF because I was searching for a run myself because I have found the joy in running. Maybe it was being in a wheelchair. Maybe it’s because I felt I took it for granted that at one point I could get up and run “if I wanted to”. (And that was rare). But I do know what inspires me now…..YOU!!! You see I don’t worry about if this joy will last. I’m here, like you, standing as one of the fortunate ones that have been given this second chance at doing something positive for others. I had this goal in mind that I would run to spread awareness as long as I could and well, you beat me to that. I now see myself as the one who will carry on in your place, spreading the same awareness and hopefully do what you have been able to do, change lives. So good luck in retirement and enjoy your down time with Suzie. Relax and let others continue what you have started. You are a HERO to many of us!!!

    Scottie Roberts

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