October 18, 2013

Dear Carrie-

It is here…You are less than 40 hours away from your solo half marathon.  You acknowledge the fear of doing this alone but you also acknowledge the work you put in to be here today.
You set a goal to lose 25 pounds by the Nike Half…You lost 23.  You worked hard on losing those 23 lbs, you changed your diet, you cut your drinking by half and the results show.  At girls’ weekend several weeks ago, everyone was shocked and said- where are you? look at those legs!  You hadn’t noticed the change other than your clothes being bigger but others did and you never gave up!
Life is funny, remember how sad you were when you didn’t get in the Medtronic race.  Looking back, that race wasn’t meant to be…this one is.  You have always wanted to run it and you got in…be happy for that.
So it is race weekend.  You are completely nervous, but you are running in the city where you found yourself, where you fell in love, where you found your best job ever, where you found some of your favorite running and hiking spots – Crissy field, Marin, GG park.  Think back to Tough Mudder when you were so afraid of the hills and that stranger said – “You are bigger than those hills everyday” – channel that feeling.  You have been through so much this year and every time you thought you couldn’t go one more step or one more day your friends and family made sure to get you over the hills.  The hills, will go away, the flats will come…this is no different from life.  You learned this year that sometimes when you reach that hill, you have to believe in yourself not have others believe in you.
You believe in you today.  Pace yourself, smile when Flo Rida comes on your headphones, laugh at the hills, take a moment and high five a spectator, look cute (I know you will) and smile at the finish line…You worked hard for this.  You trained for this.  Remember accapella tunes, butt wiggles, friends knowing you can do it.  Nothing can stop you. Mom, Dad and Suzie are proud of you.  You have done more athletically than most of your friends have, and YOU have Dystonia.  You are your best cheerleader in this race. Be present in the race, soak up the energy, this race was meant to be part of your life’s journey, so enjoy it.  You are a bad ass, people look up to you, be the amazing person you are.
Remember as someone once told you, you inspire people and make them do miraculous things!  Another friend also reminded you – you are many little sick girls’ hero, so you don’t need somebody to run next to you because you did all the work week after week.  Bruno Mars reminded me today – I am amazing just the way I am!
I am rooting for you!  See you at the finish line and you aren’t finishing last 🙂 Also remember there is a Tiffany’s necklace at the end!  Work it girl!  Surrender to the hills on miles 6-8, keep putting one foot in front of the other, don’t give up.  You went through many highs and lows this year and look where you are today!  You are bigger than those hills and you are simply AMAZING!
You deserve Sunday and all its glory!  And when you cry, those are tears of joy, of being proud, of being YOU!
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