January 16, 2014

How fast a year goes…

So a year ago, I was gearing up for a new surgery.  I remember the week prior, just thinking to myself, accept what the universe has given you.  But you know something is wrong, trust your gut, trust your intuition, you know when they go inside of you they will find out what’s wrong.  You are technically a robot, not until the dis-assemble you, will you know what’s wrong.  The night before at dinner, I was all smiles and calm as can be, especially with my mac and cheese and my “Carrie 2.0”.  Even my-ex said you are super calm, and it was because I knew deep down I was right, I wasn’t depressed, I knew my robotics were off…I knew I was at the end of a six month ordeal!


I remember waking up and seeing such light and love in the world.  I felt like a different person, I somehow remember my gut thinking I feel a draft on top of my head, but I couldn’t really care because even if I was bald again, it was okay…I felt different, something was different…then the Medtronic rep came in and said we found an open circuit and there were tears, many tears, for all of those that thought I was being dramatic, I was so happy I listened to myself.  Here is my fancy haircut!


So here we are one year later, 3 half marathons later and an awesome head of hair again!  I can’t believe how lucky I am again.  And really am thankful for everyone who supported me during that recovery time!  Without friends and family I truly know I can beat this disease again and again and again!  So thanks again from one of my favorite places in the world!



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