July 13, 2014

“Nobody Stops, Everyone Finishes!!!!”

One of my instructors says this all the time in class and it always resonates with me, isn’t that what life is?  No matter what pace or no matter what time, you are your own worst enemy…I have been thinking about it a lot this weekend.  For so many years, I always said I can’t….I have Dystonia.  Nowadays, I have been saying yes a lot more than I ever have.  I am trying to not use my Dystonia as a crutch, sure it may slow me down, sure it may take me a little more time but there is no reason why I can’t try that crazy exercise on the bench..and what I am realizing with this new philosophy is that 9/10 times I can do it (albeit slower) but I CAN do it!

So I wish I had those four simple words in my ears and in my head before because there are days I want to stop, there are days when I want to give up and then I think about it, I can’t finish this race if I stop! I can rest but I will NOT stop.  When I think I can’t run one more step, I walk! If set a goal of five miles, five miles is five miles any way you take it!  So I have to encourage my Dystonia friends don’t give up on your hopes, your dreams, Dystonia is your super power, use it!  We all have our bad days trust me, sit with it, be kind to yourself but don’t give up.  

It’s super cheesy but on my run today I realized, 8 years ago all of this was never in my cards, running marathons, tough mudders, but I never gave up…and days when I am not so great in other areas of my life, I remind myself that I am a living miracle.  I have had 3 people last week tell me I inspire them, inspire them to be active, inspire them to be healthy.  To be an inspiration is an honor and one that I will always cherish.  Never in my dreams did I think I could take a twisted disease like Dystonia and make it become such an inspiration for so many.  And that my friends is why I run!  I am NOT stopping..



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