October 5, 2014

Surgery round 2

No it’s not from Dystonia, No it’s not related to the “thing” I have.  I just had shoulder reconstruction 2 weeks ago and it has been an interesting experience.  Everyone wants to think it has something to do with my Dystonia, I just had a progressed shoulder arthritis situation and had to get my shoulder reconstructed.  Physically, brain surgery was easier – 1 day recovery, this surgery is about 18 weeks going to PT 2x a week.  I woke up very sad because after 8 years of freedom, I am confined to an arm sling and told what I can’t do….I couldn’t shake the feeling I knew this feeling before and I remembered it reminded me when I was confined to my ankle brace and couldn’t walk.

This one is different though…I am not waiting for a miracle cure.  I am going to work hard to get this shoulder rehabbed, I am going to take care of it, I am going to not lift more than 5 lbs…I am following all directions from the doctor!  I am asking for help, I am sitting in handicapped seating and am finally okay with it.  I am disabled and it is no different than having black hair, it’s just me!

This isn’t permanent this is just from being way to active and probably trying to cram 20 years of trying to be physical into 8 years! So I definitely won’t be running any races for the rest of the year per dr.’s orders but I am sure there are going to be some in 2015!  My lesson here is that Dystonia has nothing to do with the rest of my body, areas will hurt and those need care too!


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